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Nightmare in Bari: The World War II Liberty Ship Poison Gas...


About the Author
Gerald Reminick is a college librarian on Long Island, New York and author of Patriots and Heroes, True Stories of the U.S. Merchant Marine in World War II, now in its third printing.

 Gerald Reminick
ISBN 1889901210
Publisher Glencannon Press
Released 15 July, 2001

Book Description
On December 2, 1943 about fifty ships lay waiting at Bari, Italy for their cargoes to be unloaded. The harbour was so crowded that moored ships almost touched each other. Suddenly, the German Luftwaffe thundered down out of a clear evening sky and laid waste to the busy port. In the span of twenty minutes, the raid became the worst bombing of Allied shipping since Pearl Harbour two years earlier. In fact, this attack became known as Little Pearl Harbour. Seventeen Allied ship were destroyed. But the attack and destruction were only preludes of the horror to come. A U.S. Liberty ship laden with a top secret cargo of mustard gas bombs received a direct hit and exploded, killing the entire crew and spreading its deadly toxic cargo across the water and through the air of Bari. The loss of life was appalling. More than one thousand Allied servicemen and more than one thousand civilians were killed. Yet, to this day, few know of the disaster at Bari. This book describes what happened, how it happened and examines the Allied cover up afterward and the fact that World War II mustard gas is seeping up through the world's oceans today.


More information about mustard gas from John Lienhard, at the University of Houston

( Bulk MUSTARD can persist for decades in soil or water. When exposed to sea water, mustard forms a thick outer "crust" over a core of mustard which allows the mustard to be brought to the surface where it can injure unsuspecting fishermen who may snare plastic lumps of mustard gas in their nets.)

(MUSTARD and its hydrolysis products do not significantly degrade in sunlight and are stable at less than 49°C. ) 



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